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Recently I've been finding more and more of the picture content of this web site on the Internet. For this I am grateful as it means this site is both being visited and is of use to the public. It is however, disconcerting to see little or no credit given to myself or the National Park Service. Please feel free to use the picture content of this site as I have given it into the "Public Domain," but courtesy at least would suggest crediting both myself, Anthony Valois, and the National Park Service. This site represents many thousands of my hours travelling the sometimes hot and dusty trails of the always beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.

If you use my work I would be grateful if you dropped me an email letting me know.

Finally, some of the material on this web site, specifically the ANF content including the detailed text descriptions, Introduction, Glossary and Keys were created by Barry A. Prigge and Arthur C. Gibson. This is copyrighted material and its use is controlled by those authors.


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