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Point Mugu State Park


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        Everything is green and growing. Many of the winter-blooming flowers have been out since December. The warm weather of the last couple of days has made a visible difference in the Bigpod Ceanothus up here at Circle X Ranch. If it stays warm they will burst out in the next of week or so. I’ve seen good displays of shooting stars for a couple of weeks now and the chaparral current and wishbone bush have been blooming since November. Even some of the early annuals like filarees and popcorn flowers can be found, among others. Last weekend when I went out it was cold and damp which was great for a brisk hike. I was hoping to see more flowers but there was not a lot to see. Cold conditions will keep many of flowers from opening their buds. When I examined plants I suspected of flowering I frequently found buds that had been open but were now closed. Because of the cold the list of flowers I saw blooming was deceptively short. I hope I have the time to get out and see what is flowering on the trails this weekend. It should be beautiful.

        As always, if you want to contact me or submit a flower report my email address is at the at the bottom of this page.  See you on the trails.

        – ed.




Point Mugu State park

Multiple Trails

         Date: 12/13




It has been an astonishing year so far. Here is what a friend and I found in bloom at six areas in Point Mugu State Park:

1. Chumash Trail (first quarter mile from PCH) ---

chaparral sunflower; deerweed; paintbrush; and a small yellow, native oxalis

2. PCH half a mile on either side of La Jolla Canyon ---

giant coreopsis

3. Parking lot of trailhead of Ray Miller and La Jolla trails ---

wood mint; sweet pea

4. Sycamore Canyon Trail (1.1 miles or so from PCH) ---

bush mallow; buckwheat; chicory; elderberry

5. Serrano Trail (westernmost half mile) ---

blackberry; and that same small yellow, native oxalis

6. Serrano Trail (easternmost quarter mile, from Serrano Road) ---

white and purple nightshade; chaparral currant; canyon sunflower; blue-flowered greenbark ceanothus and white-flowered ceanothus; chaparral gooseberry; and most amazing of all, a matilija poppy in full bloom.

        Matthew F. Delaney.


Circle X Ranch

Sandstone Peak Trail

         Date: 10/30



       The rain has knocked down the dust and left the air crisp and clear. There were a lot of people out enjoying the new green grass and other growing things. From the peak we could see all the Channel Islands, even San Clemente 75 miles out to sea. On the other hand we saw only about ten plants in flower and they were a pretty sad lot. It was such a beautiful day we really didn’t mind the lack of flowers.

        – ed.



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