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Now that the winter rains have brought green plants to the trails we are getting more questions about flowers. While a few of the winter flowers have begun to show, in reality there are probably fewer flowers blooming now than two months ago. One of our wildflower watchers who frequently submits flower reports took a long hike recently and saw only six flowers. This meager number included the even the weedy sorts like mustard and clover and sparse holdovers from last year like fuchsia and telegraph weed. There are signs of many flowers sprouting but it is going to take some warm weather and time for them to really get going. Things you might look for include wild cucumber, chaparral currant, wishbone bush and buckwheat, perhaps some nightshade or prickly phlox. I've even seen some scattered bigpod ceanothus in bloom but mostly just a lot of buds. If we do get some warm weather the ceanothus could burst out in a hurry.


Other gifts of the recent rains are fresh clear air and the area's creeks and waterfalls full of lively waters. On the other hand you might run into a bit of rock, mud or even water on the trails so choose your footwear accordingly. Always feel free to call the park office if you have questions about trail conditions or closures.



Topanga Canyon State Park

Musch Trail

  Date: 1/23/07



        From the Trippet Ranch parking lot. Walk up the paved road.  The pond that had been completely dry for 18 months has been brimming with water for the past two weeks.  Several dozen mallards are making use of it.  Turn onto the signed dirt trail at the top of the hill.  The rains have started to wake up the plants.  While there are no extravagant floral displays the flowers are starting to come out.  On this hike I saw chaparral current, wild cucumber, fuchsia flowering gooseberry, California everlasting, California buckwheat, golden yarrow, sticky monkey flower, telegraph weed, purple and white nightshade, California fuchsia, black sage, big pod ceanothus, cudweed aster, and prickly phlox.  Not bad for January.  (DS)


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