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Point Mugu State Park


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01/22/2011 & 12/13/2010.


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        Everything is green and growing although some plants are showing the effect of lack of water. We had a great start with many of the winter-blooming flowers appearing as early as  December. The warm weather we have had this year had made for some pleasant hiking but has also shortened the season for some of our early bloomers. I can’t remember a shorter Bigpod Ceanothus bloom up here at Circle X Ranch (although you can still see it in other locations.) The Shooting Stars are mostly finished in many places too. The warm weather keeps tricking me into thinking that there should be more flowing now but it’s still early for many things. In addition, this extended dry spell has been hard on a lot of the plants. Last week I went down to the Grotto but there wasn’t really anything new to report. This probably explains why this site, which depends on volunteer submissions, has not had much to report so far this year.

        As always, if you want to contact me or submit a flower report my email address is at the at the bottom of this page.  See you on the trails.

        – ed.




Point Mugu State park

Backbone Trail

 Date: 01/22/2011




        Today’s hike was the first leg of the 2011 Backbone Trail series cosponsored by the National Park Service and the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council.  We are hiking west to east covering one segment every two weeks.

        Walking through Coastal Sage Scrub and Sycamore Savannah environments of Pt. Mugu St. Park the following species were noted in bloom: bind weed, lemonade berry, deer weed, rattlesnake weed, wild cucumber, locoweed, Indian paint brush, wishbone, black mustard, bladderpod, bush sunflower, purple nightshade, big pod ceanothus, coast wallflower, fiddleneck, popcorn, hedge nettle, canyon sunflower, wooly blue curls, prickly phlox, prickly pear, shooting star, chaparral currant, greenbark ceanothus, gooseberry fuchsia, two tone everlasting, miner's lettuce, Sheppard’s purse, golden top - grass, lomatium - quite small, oxalis, parry’s phacelia. All in all it was a good flower day for January! – N. Cusworth (and others)        N. Cusworth (and others)


Point Mugu State park

Multiple Trails

Date: 12/13/2010




It has been an astonishing year so far. Here is what a friend and I found in bloom at six areas in Point Mugu State Park:

1. Chumash Trail (first quarter mile from PCH) ---

chaparral sunflower; deerweed; paintbrush; and a small yellow, native oxalis

2. PCH half a mile on either side of La Jolla Canyon ---

giant coreopsis

3. Parking lot of trailhead of Ray Miller and La Jolla trails ---

wood mint; sweet pea

4. Sycamore Canyon Trail (1.1 miles or so from PCH) ---

bush mallow; buckwheat; chicory; elderberry

5. Serrano Trail (westernmost half mile) ---

blackberry; and that same small yellow, native oxalis

6. Serrano Trail (easternmost quarter mile, from Serrano Road) ---

white and purple nightshade; chaparral currant; canyon sunflower; blue-flowered greenbark ceanothus and white-flowered ceanothus; chaparral gooseberry; and most amazing of all, a matilija poppy in full bloom.

        Matthew F. Delaney.



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