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Updated March 8
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Circle X Ranch
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         The recent rain has eased the drought somewhat but it is still a long way from being over. Just now the wind picked up a huge cloud of dust from the dirt parking lot here, something you would never see in a more typical March. The ground was dry as a sponge and much of the water has disappeared into that vacuum literally without a trace. Similarly, the creeks are not running yet, another sign that a mere 6” of rain does not in any way end years of deprivation. People are reporting that the rain has triggered some of the perennials into flower. You might check the coast for the giant coreopsis, and some of the ground flowers in the meadows have picked up as well, but nothing spectacular yet. It will be weeks before we can hope to see much from of the annuals and I expect that most of them will require more rain than we have received so far. Keep your fingers crossed and let me know what you see.  ‑ ed.

Circle X Ranch
Backbone Trail
         Today’s hike was the third leg of the 2014 National Park Service Backbone Trail Hike. We are hiking west to east covering about two segments per month. Today we hiked from the Mishe Mokwa trailhead at Circle X Ranch to Encinal Road. The effects of the drought continue to be very evident. Our list of flowers is very short and most of these were very sparse. Deer weed, slender sunflower, coyote bush, telegraph weed, mule fat, wild cucumber, chaparral currant, California everlasting, felt-leaf everlasting.  ‑ Ralph and others 

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