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Updated March 26, 2016
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For me, March 1st has always been the date that marks the beginning of the flower season in the Santa Monica's. The days have been getting noticeably longer, and in a typical year both the days and nights are getting warmer. Plants notice these things and respond. People do too and some of you have already sent in a flower report. This site performs a public service that anyone can participate in. Let me know what you are seeing. If you are new to submitting a report be sure and read the short How To Submit a Flower Report

BTW, NPS staff have reported that the Shooting Stars are out on the Mishe Mokwa Trail at CXR (I had to mention that, they are one of my favorites.)
 ‑ ed.

Triunfo Creek Park
Pentachaeta Trail
         Verdant Green everywhere! And the wildflowers are starting to pop:
         Goldfields, Linanthus (Ground Pink), Fiddlenecks, Popcorn Flowers, Chocolate Lilies, Yellow Pansies, Wild Cucumber. California Poppy, Blue Dicks  ‑ Jeri Edwards

Point Mugu State Park
Sycamore Canyon Trail
         Along the sycamore canyon trail Pitcher Sage, Padre Shooting Stars (both pink and white), California poppies, Phacelia, Nightshade, Blue Dicks,Wishbone Bush, Bleeding Hearts, Monkey Flower,Elderberry is in bloom, Ceanothus is in bloom, poison hemlock, Indian Paintbrush, Morning Glories, Cliff Aster, Wild Sweet Pea, Wild Cucumber, California Poppy, Bush Sunflower.  ‑ Jeri Edwards

Topanga State Park
Topanga Nature Trail
         Spring has arrived in Topanga Canyon. This week, for the first time, the live oaks are covered in their catkin flowers. On the Topanga Nature Trail flowers are starting to burst out. Things are just starting. There are a lot of wild cucumber flowers and even some soft young cucumbers. As you turn to walk out on the chaparral loop portion of the nature trail there is an impressive chaparral current bush. There is a little green bark ceanothus, some mule fat, bush sunflowers, California everlasting, California buckwheat, wild morning glory and purple nightshade on the Nature Trail. It is a beginning and hopefully there will be much more soon.  ‑ Dorothy Steinicke
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