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        The rain has knocked down the dust and left the air crisp and clear. The annual reappearance of the green and growing things always make me eager to get back on the trails. Even so not much going on in the world of flowers just now. The most exciting thing I’ve seen recently was a chaparral current bush with swelling flower buds – a prediction that it won’t be long now.

        As always, if you want to contact me or submit a flower report my email address is at the at the bottom of this page.  See you on the trails.

        – ed.




Circle X Ranch

Sandstone Peak Trail

         Date: 10/30



       The rain has knocked down the dust and left the air crisp and clear. There were a lot of people out enjoying the new green grass and other growing things. From the peak we could see all the Channel Islands, even San Clemente 75 miles out to sea. On the other hand we saw only about ten plants in flower and they were a pretty sad lot. It was such a beautiful day we really didn’t mind the lack of flowers.

        – ed.



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