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Circle X Ranch

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        Things have turned green and lush and we are beginning to see the first of the new season’s annuals just beginning to bloom. Some of the early perennials have been blooming for almost a month now. Yesterday I saw my first bigpod ceanothus in bloom.

        Let me know what you encounter and I’ll see you on the trails. – ed.





Circle X Ranch

Canyon View Trail

 Date: 11/26/2011



        This trail passes through several different ecosystems and has several exposed south-facing sections which ramp up to the blooming season quite fast. Consequently I hike this trail frequently early in the blooming season when I am most eager to see the new arrivals. Things have greened up quite nicely and there is a lot of our old favorites in leaf, but not too much in bloom yet. Some of the early perennials are in bloom and of course several of last season’s late bloomers are still around, but we did not see any of the new season’s annuals yet.  California fuchsia, telegraph weed, woolly aster, wild morning glory, sawtooth golden bush, wishbone bush, twiggy wreath plant, white hedge nettle, narrow-leaved bedstraw, chaparral current and bush mallow.  – ed.



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